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Ideas to consider:

How can I increase my time selling by leveraging AI?

Last week, we delved into the top user cases for AI and how 75% of high-performance sellers already leverage AI as their virtual sidekick.

Two key user cases are emerging for sales: one helps to research prospects and personalise outreach, and the other removes the admin burden that takes us away from selling.

If you want to learn more about user cases for Sales + AI and the next steps on your journey, read our Sales Rev Up here.

Question of the week

What is the barrier to change?

In our third and final webinar in our Sales Crossroad series, we deep-dived into creating behavioural change in sales teams. We had Phil Cleary from Salesforce join us for a Q&A, and oh man, does he know his stuff!

We covered creating a step change in behaviour and identifying barriers that could inhibit change. Here are a couple barriers to consider:

  • Is the sales team’s compensation plan in alignment with the strategy, or is it driving them in another direction?
  • Do the team have the skills and capability to execute your strategy?
  • Is there a plan to execute? What behaviours and habits do we need to embed?
  • Is there accountability?

To delve further into our SR 7 step model for sales transformation, you can watch the on-demand version here.

Redefining Sales Podcast

Whilst we are recording new episodes, here is a throwback to one of my favourite guests, Tim Duggan. Tim is the author of KILLER Thinking, Work Backwards, and CULT Status and one of our REV UP experts. Tim talks about not only how to have KILLER ideas but also why we need KILLER execution!

You can check it out here.

REV UP doors close tomorrow

Our REV UP program is nearly off the mark, with doors closing TOMORROW.

We’ve covered all the skills you need, including social selling, prospecting, storytelling, influence, psychology, emotional intelligence, productivity, communication, and more!

Membership starts from just $175+GST per person, per month. You can jump on board the evolution train here.

What I’m testing

Last Inside Scoop, I talked about the testing behind our webinar series. We tracked registrations from organic socials, paid ads, eDM’s, partner sharing, and our outreach.

Most of our registrations came from 1-1 personalised outreach by myself and the team. We often see this step missing when sales teams don’t get behind a marketing initiative. Yes, socials and eDM’s do some of the job, but the real magic and results come from the team’s weight getting behind the initiative.

What I’m reading

During our webinar this week, Phil Cleary recommended Jolt by Matt Dixon, which talks about “The Jolt Effect” customers from indecision based on recent research.

His research found 87% of sales were impacted by customer indecision! The book unpacks approaches to navigate this sales challenge.

Given that the current market is slower for many of us, this read is very timely. I will keep you posted!

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