REVolutionary REVenue-led Learning

Join live virtual masterclasses with world-class experts that will Rev Up your sales. 30-day money back guarantee.

A new, REVolutionary and transformational members-only world class business school community.

REV UP is for ambitious revenue leaders, Product Managers, and Sales, Marketing, Customer Experience and Pre-Sales (technical) teams.

Get the most from your greatest asset, your talent, and arm them with the skills they need to deliver revenue growth for your organisation.

Rev Up received a 9 out of 10 star NPS rating from our members!

How You’ll Increase Your ROI

We’re that confident, we’ll give you a no-questions asked refund at the end of month 1 if you’re not seeing the REV UP value.

Future-proof your organisation

Gain market share

Build a pipeline through challenges

Stand out from the competition

Increase cross-function collaboration

Meet Our Experts

CEO, Sales Redefined


 Abbie’s proven track record includes assisting in the delivery of over $500M in sales and she’s achieved in excess of 2000% + ROI on lead generation campaigns for leading global corporations.

CEO, Influence Nation


 A well-respected expert who has spent a career decoding influence. As a leading authority in the speaking world she has earned a reputation for launching and advising some of the worlds most respected thought leaders.

Productivity in the Workplace 


Jay will explore how simple changes to your routine and mindset will have a dramatic impact on your team’s output. He will share strategies to increase productivity and how to best optimise time.

CEO, Langley Group


A global positive leadership expert, Sue specialises in the practical applications of neuroscience, emotional intelligence & positive psychology, synthesising the science into simple, practical tools.

Producer with over 8 billion views

  She’s the ultimate queen of storytelling, and if you’ve watched it, she’s probably made it. Her content has been watched more than 8 billion times, and she once broke Twitter. She knows how. She made the show. And won a LOGIE for it.

LinkedIn Sales Expert


Owen holds the position of Global Account Manager at LinkedIn and possesses expertise in the area of social selling. Leveraging social media to Rev Up your sales using LinkedIn’s solutions. 



EOS Implementer


With his expertise in leadership, management and building high performing teams, Roger has helped leaders of over 400 companies to take themselves and their teams to the next level.

New for 2024

Holly Ransom


Tim Duggan

Places are strictly limited


“Our first session of Rev Up done and dusted and I was blown away by the amount of knowledge imparted in just 60 minutes.

Joining the monthly masterclass series was a no brainer – you ALWAYS get more than you expect, and the deliverables are exceptional.”

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Your questions answered

What outcomes can I expect?
  • Future proof your organsation
  • Embed the most effective growth strategies into your organisation
  • ​Increase revenue growth
  • ​Build a high-performance revenue-generating team who exceeds quota/KPI with a shared understanding of best practice
  • ​Create a behavioural shift from reactive to proactive in your revenue-generating teams
  • ​Enhance customer experience
  • ​Improve cross-function collaboration
  • ​Increase efficiency and productivity
  • ​Improve morale and employee engagement
  • ​Upskill and retain your top talent by investing in their development with continuous learning
  • ​Learn recession-busting strategies
How is the program delivered?
  • Rev Up is delivered as a one-hour virtual interactive session with 45 minutes expert learning and 15 minutes private breakout for your team to agree next steps to execute their learnings and apply back in your business. All sessions are recorded and available for replay via the Rev Up app.
  • ​Join anytime with your team as a cohort
  • ​Monthly online masterclass session from leading experts will be hosted
  • ​Quarterly challenges will be run such as the pipeline builder or LinkedIn Makeover


How can I track my teams learning?

During the onboarding process, we ask your revenue-generating teams to participate in a 5-minute skills assessment survey.

This is reviewed quarterly and fed back to your leadership team, so that you can track progress and see the impact in real-time of your team’s Rev Up.

Can you invoice me instead?

Yes of course, email [email protected] to request the invoice.

How will you support my team getting results?
  • Interactive sessions: to encourage participation and engagement
  • Highly practical training sessions: with clear pathways to actionable steps
  • Recommendations from our experts: on execution and implementation of revenue-generating activities
  • Team huddle: we encourage regular team meetings so that your participants can maintain momentum on the execution of new strategies and skills
  • Leadership engagement: we encourage teams to regularly present their recommendations back to the leadership team
  • Quarterly challenges: provide an opportunity to put learnings into action
  • Templates and cheat sheets will be available to help apply learnings
  • Replays and summaries: will be available on our app to refer back to anytime
  • Group dynamics: holding each other accountable and encouraging each other to progress as a cohort