Idea to consider

10X is easier than 2X

My friend Dan recommended the book “10X is easier than 2X” by Dan Sullivan; I am loving it.

The concept is that 2X growth in business or personal life is often exhausting. 2X growth would require similar actions to what you are doing today, and there are many ways to achieve it.

10X is so big that it seems almost impossible, forcing brutal focus. You can’t work 10X more, so you must remove anything that isn’t 10X.

10X is a process that simplifies your strategy and focus as there might only be one or two ways to achieve 10X.

As we head into FY25, how can you go 10X?

(More about this book below!)


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Question of the week

If “success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” – how do you maintain your enthusiasm after “failure”? (Winston Churchill)

In sales, you constantly have rejection and “failure”. In business, it’s the same. So, how do you go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm?

I’ve been trying a slightly new approach and giving myself a time-bound “window” to allow myself to feel disappointed and annoyed, but I won’t let myself stay there. I’ve found it valuable to set boundaries to allow a short ‘pity party’, then get up and get ‘back in the ring’.

Even with all the positive psychology I’ve studied I can’t always pull off immediately reframing the situation. Depending on the set back I might need an hour, or two or maybe it’s the day. Just don’t stay there!

What’s your go-to strategy for bouncing back from “failure”?

What I’m testing

We are always testing, but here’s a little test we did that makes a big impact. We tested this Inside Scoop letter for three weeks, with and without a branded email banner.

Which won?

No banner!

This test might seem insignificant, but the higher our email engagement rate, the more it positively impacts our growth.

What’s happening at Sales Redefined?

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What I’m reading

As shared above, I am deep into “10X is easier than 2X”. Here are a few more nuggets from the book:

  • 10X is a process; start with clarity on what is the BIG 10X goal
  • “Impossible” goals help you identify the one or very few ways you could achieve it
  • To go 10X you need to let go of anything that isn’t 10X in your life and anything needlessly hard
  • Make 10X your standard and say NO
  • Distinguish the 20% that matters and 80% that doesn’t. Only 20% of what you are doing today will scale to 10X.

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