Idea to consider

If you were to do a pre-mortem of FY25,
what are the risks to your strategy being executed?

As we kick off the new financial year, it’s a great time for planning and reflection. Global Leadership expert Holly Ransom recommends a pre-mortem. What are the risks to our strategy being executed and delivering a result? If we can identify the biggest risks in advance, we can implement mitigation plans.

What would your pre-mortem highlight?


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Question of the week

What’s the real root cause of my sales productivity barriers?

I’ve taken inspiration from Jay Pottenger, GM of EQ Minds, and I now do an end-of-day reflection on how I spent my time, where I was productive and where time was wasted.

If I trace it back further, the root cause for me is going to sleep too late as I’m reading (guilty!). I’m now focusing on the root cause and working on a sleep routine that positively impacts my productivity the following day.
When working with sales teams, we start with a team survey, and often, the real root cause of sales productivity or challenges is a skills gap or lack of confidence or even a conflicting commission plan.

What’s the real root cause of your sales productivity?

What I’m testing

This is a bit of a personal share: I’m testing a lot around my own routines at the moment. I’m guilty of working at 100 miles an hour and not enjoying the journey. I’ve started writing a daily list of great things that happened to stop and recognise the little wins and little daily moments.

On a business front, we’re testing with Google Ads and YouTube video work. It’s too soon to tell you the result, but we will share!

What’s happening at Sales Redefined?

We opened our REV UP doors and welcomed new REV UP members. Seeing incredible businesses and highly motivated professionals join us has been so ridiculously exciting!

I have back-to-back sales kickoffs and conference keynotes coming up, so I have been deep in discovery session mode. As an observation, I’m having more conversations than ever about how we support teams to embrace change. Food for thought!

What I’m reading

Last time, I shared that I am reading “10X is easier than 2X”. I’ve nearly finished, and here are a few more nuggets to build on the last Inside Scoop takeaways from the book:

  • Massive ambitions are easier than average goals—they bring focus. There are only one or maybe two ways you could 10X.
  • To go 10X, you approach time qualitatively and non-linearly
  • What’s your unique ability? Focus here!
  • What’s the 80% of your life keeping you busy but unproductive because it’s keeping you outside your unique ability?

The final wrap-up from the book is coming next week!

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