Ideas to consider

Where is the “Blue Ocean” in FY25?

Many of us feel we are in a “red ocean” crowded with competition and price wars. The authors of Blue Ocean Strategy challenge us to ask where the uncontested marketplace is and how we can create a Blue Ocean.

Julie Masters, a Global Influence thought leader and one of our REV UP experts, talks about focusing on micro influence with the intersection of two specialties. For Sales Redefined, this was Sales + Marketing.

As we enter FY25, where can you create a Blue Ocean and micro niche?

B2B Prospecting Blueprint

In early August we will be running a 1-day live virtual workshop to go deep on prospecting and share our proven prospecting blueprint. Check out the details here to join us.

Question of the week

What worked well in terms of sales in FY24 & what could have been better? What will I change in FY25?

I’ve been in reflection mode, prompted by a half-yearly reflection worksheet by Business Strategist Michelle Broadbent. As someone who needs a nudge to stop and reflect, it was well-timed as I finished our FY25 strategy.

Here are some sales-related reflection questions for you:

  • What worked well to generate new sales?
  • What worked for lead generation?
  • What could be better in terms of sales?
  • What offering was the most profitable?
  • What offering did I see the most demand for?
  • What strategic partnerships worked well?
  • How can I embrace digital sales in FY25?
  • What sales skills do I need to develop?
  • What do I need to change for FY25?

P.S. Michelle’s worksheet aimed at business owners is here.

What I’m testing

Last week I talked about testing ChatGPT 4.0 and loving it, here is my article on 5 ways I’m using ChatGPT here.

What’s happening at Sales Redefined?

We’ve re-released our 2024 sales trends updated for FY25 this week! This is the first time we’ve ever done a half-yearly update due to the unbelievably fast-paced changes in AI and digital sales. You can download your copy here.

As we gear up for the Sales Kick-Off season in July, we’re excited to be planning several kick-offs across Australia & New Zealand. If you’ve got a kick-off and would like to chat, don’t hesitate, book a chat with me here.

What I’m reading

I’m still working through Hook Point by Brendan Kane to help develop our YouTube strategy, so here’s a throwback Thursday of two other books I loved:

  • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight: The story of Nike is beyond inspiring!
  • Chapter One by Daniel Flynn: The story of ThankYou, the social enterprise and best book to challenge your thinking of disrupting the status quo and gorilla marketing style hussle tactics with high impact (think flying a helicopter over Woolworth’s office!).

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