Ideas to consider

What would sales look like if it was fun?

I love content from productivity guru Ali Abdaal. One of his key productivity tips is to add an element of fun to the task.

I like to gamify sales, set myself a challenge and compete with myself.

It’s incredible to see sales teams’ engagement and results when we add fun and gamification.

Could you have a Slack/Teams channel to celebrate wins, draw weekly prizes, and give shoutouts during team meetings?

One of my favourites was from my days at IBM, where we had a team scorecard with each of us as our celebrity lookalike, so Mr Incredible was racing Sienna Miller, etc.

How could you make sales more fun?

FY25 Sales Kick Off

If your Sales Kick-off or annual conference is coming up, I’d love to upskill your team to play a high-performance game in FY25. If you’d like to chat over a virtual coffee, you can book it here.

Question of the week

How can we leverage the progress principle in sales?

As humans, we’re motivated by progress, but in sales, it can be a long game. Celebrating the “lead measures” and progress along the way can help keep us motivated on the journey.

I’ve been writing down my own little wins each day be it a confirmed meeting, a referral, a new LinkedIn connection, no matter how small, celebrating the 1%ers that add up.

I’m guilty of chasing the end result and not celebrating the wins on the way, so I’ve taken steps to keep myself in check!

What I’m testing

This week, I’ve been testing ChatGPT 4.0 and LOVING IT!

I’m getting the best results by building out very detailed prompts for what I need. I treat it as if it were a new employee and give context, examples, backgrounds, and expectations.

I am finding it useful to upload PDF, PPT, and background information.

What’s happening at Sales Redefined?

We’re in prep and research mode for our YouTube strategy to kick off in FY25 (yes, I’ve now publicly put myself on the hook!).

Why YouTube? As the buyer profile changes, so does the research process; 25-35-year-olds use YouTube more than Google. We’ve noticed prospects telling us they watched our videos before reaching out.

We’ve opened a waitlist for The B2B Prospecting Blueprint 1-day live virtual masterclass. If you want to know more, check it out here.

As a sneak peek, we’ve also decided to kick off another REV UP cohort in late July. You can join the waitlist here to get first dibs on an early bird!

What I’m reading

I’ve been dipping into Hook Point by Brendan Kane as a revisit. Brendan focuses on how you hook and grab attention to stand out. He’s unpacked the method behind Mr Beast and many great content creators. With our upcoming YouTube focus, I’ve been revisiting key takeaways!

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