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Evangelise the problem

Idea to consider How can you evangelise the problem and make the old way seem clunky? A book I love is “Play Bigger,” in which the authors share the strategies of category kings who create and then dominate a new market. One of the critical steps we can learn from...

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What needs to change in FY25?

Idea to consider If you were to do a pre-mortem of FY25, what are the risks to your strategy being executed? As we kick off the new financial year, it's a great time for planning and reflection. Global Leadership expert Holly Ransom recommends a pre-mortem. What are...

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10X growth is easier than 2X

Idea to consider 10X is easier than 2X My friend Dan recommended the book "10X is easier than 2X" by Dan Sullivan; I am loving it. The concept is that 2X growth in business or personal life is often exhausting. 2X growth would require similar actions to what you are...

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Finding your micro niche

Ideas to consider Where is the “Blue Ocean” in FY25? Many of us feel we are in a “red ocean” crowded with competition and price wars. The authors of Blue Ocean Strategy challenge us to ask where the uncontested marketplace is and how we can create a Blue Ocean. Julie...

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Making sales fun 

Ideas to consider What would sales look like if it was fun? I love content from productivity guru Ali Abdaal. One of his key productivity tips is to add an element of fun to the task. I like to gamify sales, set myself a challenge and compete with myself. It's...

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Minimum standard for prospecting

Ideas to consider: What is my minimum standard for proactive prospecting? I came across the concept of making a minimum standard commitment to myself for each area of my life, from work to health to relationships, etc. Why not apply this to prospecting? The theory is...

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