Ideas to consider:

What if we need to focus on building a community around our product/service as a sales strategy rather than on growing an audience.    
Can we bring users and customers together frequently and lean into connecting customers as a growth strategy?    
This is a hot topic for me and something I am deeply researching at the moment. 

Question of the week: 

This week, I ran another sales kick-off, and we spent a good portion of time focusing on HOW we will execute the learnings. We used the 4 Disciplines of Execution approach to focus on what are the 2-3 wildly important goals that will enable us to achieve our BIG goal. The research on over 200,000 organisations found that 2-3 wildly important goals were optimal, and success diminishes with more goals.  
What are the 2-3 Wildly Important Goals to Achieve Your 2024 Big Goal? Spoiler alert: consider what are the fewest battles to win the war

Redefining Sales Podcast

This week’s podcast features Owen Steer from LinkedIn. I absolutely love this conversation with Owen, a very real, relatable, and experienced sales professional. He takes us behind the scenes of LinkedIn social selling, outlines the dos and don’ts for 2024, and shares what he sees currently working in sales!   

You can watch or listen here.

What are we testing? 

I’m currently testing a new video style for our podcast trailers with more shorts and animation. We haven’t nailed it YET, it still needs quite a bit of work, but this is something I’m keen to double down on, particularly after having Maz Farrelly on last week’s Rev Up and thinking about creating our Netflix Ad for our podcast! I will keep you posted on our results!   

What I’m reading? 

Ok, this week, I’m holding firm with going back over Traffic Secrets and The Linchpin, working over everything I want to implement from the book and actioning before allowing myself to move on to the next one!
So, instead, I will give you one of my favourite books, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, which I gifted to someone this week. Phil was the Founder of Nike, and his story is MIND BLOWING! If you need a giant dose of inspiration, a lesson in perseverance, and a behind-the-scenes look at Nike you never knew existed, this one is for you!
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