Ideas to consider:

How can you bring some Valentine’s love to bridge the gap between your sales and marketing?

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and we were feeling romantic! We’ve seen time and time again the path to growth is alignment and thinking SMarketing. Whether you are a solopreneur or a big corporation, how can you align your sales and marketing activities for growth?  
You can check out our Sales Rev Up for more love and practical tips on this here.

Question of the week: 

What can I learn from B2C and bring into B2B (or visa versa)
In this week’s podcast, HubSpot tell us about how B2C trends are quickly becoming the norm in B2B. What ideas can you cross pollinate?

Redefining Sales Podcast

This week’s podcast features Kat Warboys from HubSpot.  Kat is responsible for growing HubSpot’s business in APAC, leading a team in the region who look after everything from brand, to demand generation to sales enablement and customer advocacy.

Kat’s personal mission is to help other marketers realise the importance of their role in the customer experience, by championing cross-team alignment to help organisations grow better, not just bigger, through word-of-mouth.

In this episode of the Redefining Sales podcast, we’re diving into: 

  • 2024 Marketing Trends
  • User cases for AI in Marketing
  • Wildcard Trend that Kat has her eye
  • Why marketers need to watch out for the BIG switch off in 2024
  • How to get an ROI on marketing spend
  • and many more!
You can watch or listen here.

What are we testing? 

This week, I’m obsessing over Thumbnails. Yes, that’s right, Thumbnails! My Head of Client Services did ask if I needed a psychiatrist, but then I explained the method in my madness!  
Those who have hit the big time on their content A/B test and obsess over their thumbnails, with many giving examples of 200+ tests.  A theme seems to be a very clickable headline, but also a person who looks quite animated.  I will be sure to take a photo after coffee! More to come on that!

What I’m reading? 

I’m still holding firm executing everything I want to, from Traffic Secret and The Linchpin, but I’m also doing a lot of reading and learning about YouTube strategies.  
I’ve been watching a lot from Ali Abdaal and Codie Sanchez.  Ali has over 5 Million YouTube followers and is the most followed productivity expert, and Codie grew her channel to 1 Million followers in 2 years.  Both are great to follow for inspiration, and both are extremely strategic in their content.  
The theme from my learning so far is that with YouTube, you need a storytelling formula to hook your audience’s attention and keep them watching for longer. Build suspense and tension by delaying giving away big nuggets until further into the video. By increasing the length of time the audience watches a video, it tells the YouTube algorithm that you like it and then feeds the algorithm.  Interestingly, other keys have been playing with pace and body language, even down to how you lean (or not) into the camera. Fascinating!  

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