Ideas to consider:

Can you fuel your growth with Strategic Partnerships?

I’m revisiting who makes a great strategic partner; this is one of my favourite strategies; firstly, it’s often free. Second, it gets you in front of new prospects, and third, it typically has a very high conversion rate.

I believe great strategic partners meet 4 criteria:

1) serves the same target market as you
2) their product/service is complimentary to yours
3) they are non-competitive
4) there is a strong values alignment between businesses

It is not just for referrals but also joint marketing, such as a joint webinar/event or blog swap for a newsletter, as just a few examples.

Question of the week

What Sales “Club” can I add to my kit bag?

Our Sales Bites Podcast this week features a revisit from Larry Levine. Larry uses a golf analogy: There are 14 golf clubs, and each has a different purpose. We often rely on two “clubs” in sales: phone and email. There are countless other sales “clubs” you could add, including social selling, digital sales, content, strategic partnerships, lead magnets, speaking, and others.

Sales Bites Podcast

You can listen to the podcast with Larry, author of “Selling from the Heart”, here.

In this conversation Larry shares:

  • How selling from the heart came to life
  • The fundamental difference between sales reps and sales professional
  • Learning how to fish digitally
  • The keys to high-performance sales

What I’m testing

This week, I’m testing messaging. To evolve our messaging, we’ve gone through a process of digging into the ideal client’s challenges, desires and language. We first tested the copy with my amazing mentor, and now we’re now testing the messaging with a few people we can trust for honest feedback.

I highly recommend this process, but the critical success factor is to ask the right people for feedback who either match the profile of your ideal client or have the right expertise!

What I’m reading

Last week, I had a lot of time in the car, so it was podcasting more than reading.

Two podcasts stuck out for me:

  • The Mindset Doctor on Diary of a CEO. Professor Steve Peters is an English psychiatrist who has worked with elite athletes, including the Olympic British Cycling Team. My biggest takeaway was on acceptance. Learning to accept challenges and situations that arise in business (or life) rather than resist them.
  • How to Master Essentialism in 2024 with Greg McKweon on the Tim Ferris podcast. My biggest ah-ha moment was writing a plan for yourself of who you want to be and reading it daily. What habits, rituals, and mindset does the person you want to become do?

I was having a mindset-inspired week!

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