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Ideas to consider:

What would this look like if this was fun?

I shared my seven steps for new business prospecting in a slower market this week. Prospecting can be hard and takes time. I’ve found myself adding an eighth step, which is a question productivity guru Ali Abdaal asks: What would this look like if it were fun?

Tony Robbins was famous in his early days for making hundreds of seminar follow-up calls from the jacuzzi! How can you make sales more fun?

You can check out my 7 Steps for Prospecting for Net New Business in a Slower Market here.

Question of the week

Who are my highest growth potential clients?

Yesterday, I regrouped with one of my consulting clients. We talked about existing clients with enormous growth potential.

What’s one thing you can do to add more value to each of your highest-potential clients?

It’s a back-to-basics move but most often overlooked.

FY25 Sales Kick Off

If your FY25 Sales Kick Off is coming up, I’d love to upskill your sales team and arm them with what the top 1% of high-performance sellers are doing, how high-performance sellers leverage AI, and how to prospect in the current market.

Book a call with me here.

Redefining Sales Podcast

Whilst we are recording new episodes, here is a throwback to our podcast with Phil Cleary at Salesforce. He’s proved such a hit on our recent Sales Crossroads webinar series, that I thought you would bring you more of Phil’s sales excellence recommendations.

In this episode of the Redefining Sales podcast, you’ll learn about:

  • Discover the critical sales skills essential for success.
  • Explore the role of AI in supporting sales at Salesforce.
  • Uncover the key traits that define high-performance salespeople.
  • Learn strategies for seamless integration and accelerating their productivity.
  • Discover how to invest your time effectively in learning initiatives while managing the demands of your day job.

You can check it out here.

What I’m testing  

This week, I wrote our Sales Rev Up blog using voice dictation to ChatGPT.

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised to learn that I talk faster than I type (guilty).

Using the app on my phone, I was able to talk away and get ChatGPT to produce my blog.

Was it perfect and ready to post? No, but was it a hell of a lot quicker than me typing? Yes.

It gave me a great baseline to tweak and refine. A big thumbs up from me!

What I’m reading 

This week, I flicked back to an old favourite: The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes. This one is an oldie but a goodie, and I revisit it at least once a year.

Chet’s theory (from 2008) is it takes 8.4 rejections to get a meeting, and he builds 12 attempts into a sales process. Years on, I don’t think the number is any lower; if anything, I’d expect it to be higher!

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