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2X greater chance of exceeding sales quota with 3 habits

Ideas to consider: 2X your chance of exceeding sales quota with 3 habits LinkedIn and Ipsos have just released research from a global study of over 2,000 sellers and narrowed 104 seller behaviours into 3 habits for success. Those who practice these 3 habits have 2X...

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$1Billion Sales & Marketing Lessons from Taylor Swift

Ideas to consider: Are you utilising MIFGE? A MIFGE is the Most Incredible Free Gift Ever! This is a concept by Dan Kennedy (Marketing guru) and advanced by Russell Brunson (Sales Funnel Guru). What's fascinating in their examples is the unbelievable increase in...

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What we learned from HubSpot

Ideas to consider: How can you bring some Valentine's love to bridge the gap between your sales and marketing? Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and we were feeling romantic! We’ve seen time and time again the path to growth is alignment and thinking SMarketing. Whether...

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What’s really working on LinkedIn

Ideas to consider: What if we need to focus on building a community around our product/service as a sales strategy rather than on growing an audience.       Can we bring users and customers together frequently and lean into connecting customers as a growth strategy? ...

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Bridge the gap between learning and doing

Ideas to consider:  How can we reduce the time from learning to execution as a superfood for growth?  I’m currently on holiday and revisiting some of my favourite books. We tend to execute a fraction of what we learn (guilty as charged!). To try and combat this, I'm...

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How to execute your 2024 strategy

Question of the week:  We're seeing a fast acceleration towards digital sales, be it self-serve tools such as online calculators, self-serve demos, self-serve pricing, self-serve to book into your diary instantly, a chatbot to answer questions and this isn't just for...

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