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Elevate Sales 1% each day

Ideas to consider: What are my sales sprints and marathons? When I build sales strategies, I identify the top 2-3 sprints & marathons. (No running shoes required!) Sprints are tactical, low-hanging fruit opportunities to address in under 90 days. Marathons are...

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The sales retro

Ideas to consider: Do you conduct a sales retro? There's no need to crack out your disco balls; I don't mean that kind of retro. One of our former team members, Jess, loved a good retrospective, and I will always be thankful to her for introducing this discipline....

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Plan 12 prospect rejections

Welcome to your Inside Scoop. Ideas to consider: What would this look like if this was fun? I shared my seven steps for new business prospecting in a slower market this week. Prospecting can be hard and takes time. I've found myself adding an eighth step, which is a...

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Where to start with Sales + AI?

Welcome to your Inside Scoop. Ideas to consider: How can I increase my time selling by leveraging AI? Last week, we delved into the top user cases for AI and how 75% of high-performance sellers already leverage AI as their virtual sidekick. Two key user cases are...

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If not now, when?

Ideas to consider:   If not now, when?   A core theme I've seen recently is that we are all suffering from the busyness epidemic. If now is not the right time, when will the right time be? I’ve noticed a theme that we are waiting for the right time to explore AI, the...

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The Sales Evolution: Survival of the Fittest

If you missed the memo last week, here’s a quick recap, we’re inviting you to ‘The Sales Crossroads: Evolution or Extinction’ a 3-part webinar series with guests from LinkedIn and Salesforce. The first webinar is coming up fast next Tuesday 16th April, 12pm – 1pm...

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