If you missed the memo last week, here’s a quick recap, we’re inviting you to ‘The Sales Crossroads: Evolution or Extinction’ a 3-part webinar series with guests from LinkedIn and Salesforce.

The first webinar is coming up fast next Tuesday 16th April, 12pm – 1pm AEST. We’ll be unpacking with Alana Brittain, APAC Sales Leader at LinkedIn:

  • The two mega trends to be across from Chief Economist at LinkedIn
  • Who is winning and who is struggling in sales
  • How to 2X the likelihood of overachieving sales quota
  • What can we learn about high-performance sellers from a study of 2000 sellers

There is a reckoning in sales, and we’re ready for it!


Ideas to consider

Am I using the law of averages in business development?

Last week I saw Steven Bartlett speak and he shared that he started his career cold calling. He knew that 90% of calls he would be told to f*&k off and another 5% would tell him to f*&k off but more nicely and the final 5% would have a conversation. It was the perfect reminder that we need to play the volume game as only 3% of our market are ready to buy.

Question of the week

What complementary skill can I build?

Steven gave the example that if you want to become the best in the world at Tennis, for instance, it will take a huge amount of work to master Tennis to a level where you can beat Nadal!

However, the minority master two complementary skills that are a killer combo! It’s much easier to be one of the top players in a more unique space.

Applying this back to my world, I like to develop sales skills not by learning about traditional sales skills but complementary skills like psychology, marketing, and the art of hooking attention.

What’s your killer combo?

Redefining Sales Podcast

We’re hard at work prepping for an exciting new season. In the meantime, I was a guest on Exceptional Sales Leaders podcast with Darren Mitchell.

We talked about hooking your prospects attention, where I go to learn and we compared notes on what we’re both seeing get the best results in market.

You can check it out here.

Our BIG news

Doors are OPEN to our NEW REV UP program!

We reviewed the skills revenue-generating teams need to exceed in today’s market and introduced FOUR new Masterclasses and TWO new global experts to our REV UP program.

We’ve got all the skills you need covered from social selling, prospecting, storytelling, influence, psychology, emotional intelligence, productivity, communication and more! You can check out the program below.

Early bird 10% off ends 19th April and doors close until 2025 on 3rd May.

Membership starts from just $175+GST per person, per month. You can check out everything you need to know here.

What I’m testing  

We are in launch mode, so I’m testing everything humanly possible in all areas.

We have split-test landing pages, paid ads, eDMs, socials, partners, you name it!

Personalised, genuine outreach is still working best for us! We’re balancing personalisation and playing the volume game (the law of averages!), which is always a fine line.

So far, we are seeing videos working well on our content. We are also seeing LinkedIn ads performing with a webinar ad, which we’ve previously found more challenging.

If you want more on testing, check out our summary on our top 5 takeaways from Steven Bartlett.

What I’m reading 

By now you’re seeing Steven Bartlett’s seminar had quite the impact. He talked about The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson having a life changing impact on him. I had started reading it a couple years ago and never finished it, so I’ve gone back to re-read.

A couple one liners from my read so far:

  • Successful people FAIL their way to the top
  • Successful people do what unsuccessful people are willing to do
  • Your philosophy creates your actions, your results and your attitude which creates your life


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