Ideas to consider:

What are my sales sprints and marathons?

When I build sales strategies, I identify the top 2-3 sprints & marathons. (No running shoes required!)

Sprints are tactical, low-hanging fruit opportunities to address in under 90 days.

Marathons are strategic, more long-term, usually a 12-month+ strategy.

Balancing sprints and marathons brings focus while playing both a tactical and strategic game.

Question of the week

How can I improve my sales 1% each day?

Almost all of the books and success stories I delve into have a common theme: They don’t just look for the big bang strategy; they focus on the 1% better everyday compound interest effect.

  • How can you build your sales pipeline 1% a day?
  • How can you learn and improve your sales skills by 1% daily?

Small, consistent action beats ad-hoc large spurts of effort.

If you missed it, check out this week’s Sales Rev Up on our 7-step SR Transformation Method.

FY25 Sales Kick Off

If your Sales Kick Off is coming up, I’d love to upskill your sales team to play a high-performance game in FY25. If you’d like to chat over a virtual coffee, schedule a call here.

What I’m testing

We are testing sales messaging and adapting it to align with prospects’ insights into shifting market conditions, challenges, and opportunities.

As another example, we noticed that 90%+ of conferences have AI on the agenda, so we adapted our keynote copy and keywords; within a week, we signed a net new opportunity!

What’s happening at Sales Redefined?

One of our team suggested whilst we record new podcasts, we switch the podcast section of the Inside Scoop to What’s happening at SR, so here goes my first attempt…

We’re working on a mix of IT client sales campaigns, I’m delivering a keynote at Dietitian Connection, and we’re developing a new one-day live virtual program to help B2B sellers with net new prospecting in the current slower market.

A takeaway is that we’re leaning into the consistent feedback we hear and are adapting to meet the current market needs.

P.S. If you’d like to hear more about the prospecting program, reply and let me know.

What I’m reading

Last week, I drove a lot and listened to podcasts rather than read. My go-tos were “How I Built This” to hear Founder stories and “Billion Dollar Creator” to keep my finger on the pulse of content strategies!

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