Ah, a new financial year, a new chance to revamp and zoom in on your sales goals! And guess what? We’ve got the ultimate weapon up our sleeves to pump up the entire team and crush those targets – cue the legendary sales kickoff!

Picture this: it’s like the Super Bowl halftime show but for your sales team. We gather everyone around, throw in some confetti (metaphorically, of course), and ignite that fire of enthusiasm. It’s the perfect moment to align efforts, share the game plan, and show off your killer dance moves – okay, maybe not the last part, but you get the idea!

A sales kickoff is like the secret sauce that binds us all together in a glorious mission to conquer the sales universe. But how do we make sure it’s a success?! (I’m glad you asked)

Firstly if you haven’t read our PDF 6 Simple Steps to a High-Impact FY24 Sales Kick-Off, I recommend you do. You can download the full guide here.

But since you’re a SMarketing Lowdown subscriber and my virtual bestie, I’m going to give you the 6 simple steps right here. Let’s go!

1. Sales or Revenue Enablement?

75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy a RevOps model by 2025, according to Gartner.

Traditionally Sales Kick-offs have just been for sales teams. But here’s some food for thought, why not consider turning your sales kick-off into a revenue-generating team kick-off? After all, as the saying goes, the more, the merrier!

2. Be crystal clear on your FY24 goals 

A recent study by Chris Zook of Bain and Company found that only 40% of employees in organisations have a clear understanding of their company’s goals.

The next step is ensuring the leadership team provides absolute clarity on the business’s goals for the upcoming year. These goals should be specific, measurable, and achievable.

3. Identify what skills need to be developed

76% of millennials believe professional development opportunities are one of the most important aspects of company culture.

Investing in upskilling your team’s skills not only shows your commitment to their growth, it also doubles the likelihood of retaining your top talent.

4. Execution BEYOND the kick-off

The “forgetting curve” is real, Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist, was one of the first to study memory in 1885 and found that adults forget 90% of what they learn within just 30 days.

Execution and follow-through are where the rubber hits the road. To ensure that the team continues to apply what they’ve learned, it’s important to build daily proactive habits beyond the kick-off event.

5. Time for team building

Team building can improve work ethic and innovation up to 10 times.

Investing time in team building can foster a sense of belonging, strengthen communication, and increase collaboration, all of which can contribute to better morale and a more successful team. Companies with a fully engaged workforce are capable of generating twice the revenue.

6. Be the cheerleader

An employee who has been recognised is 63% more likely to stay at their current job within the next three to six months.

Who doesn’t love celebrating a win? Sharing success stories is a great way to get the mojo going and keep motivation high.

So there you have it LinkedIn family, a successful sales kick-off is just 6 steps away. With the right ingredients of enthusiasm, collaboration, and a touch of fun, we can create an event that not only aligns with our goals but also ignites a collective passion for smashing targets.

The question is… are you set up for FY24 success?