As we emerge from what seems like a longer than usual chilly winter, it’s time to brush off the cobwebs and do a spring clean of your sales.

We’ll show you where to start and how to revitalize your sales habits along the way!

Don’t worry, no dusters or vacuums are required ????

1.  Spring Resolution:

You don’t need to wait until the new year for a new year’s resolution; the start of spring is as good an excuse as any! Treat spring as your fresh start to ditch any bad sales habits and kick start your new proactive sales habits.

Spring clean action: Review what has not yielded a result for you over the past quarter. Does it just need a change in approach, or does it need kicking to the curb?

We constantly review what is and isn’t working to continue focusing our efforts in the right direction.

We’ve popped our handy guide, 5 Sales Habits, here to help revitalize your habits.

2.  Win review:

Write a list of the last ten opportunities you won, what do they have in common, and what was the source of the lead.

Whenever we complete this activity, the answers always surprise us and clearly suggest where you should invest your efforts. We often don’t have the time to stop and reflect to gain these well-needed insights.

3.  Can you add a new club?

Our friend Larry Levine uses the analogy that there are 14 golf clubs, each with a different purpose. Sales are often going to market with one, maybe two clubs. Can you add another “sales club” to your toolkit?

4.  The boring Test

One for the marketers, It’s the perfect time to do a boring audit of your content. As our good friend Maz Speaks Farrelly would say, it’s not an audience’s job to be interested; it’s your job to be interesting. So, check everything that’s client-facing, from your website to your marketing collateral and ask yourself, “does this pass the boring test”? If not, try to remove the white noise and find a way to convey your information that will resonate and interest your audience.

5.  Pipeline Review:

Take a fresh look at your pipeline. Is it where it needs to be, or does it need a turbocharge? Do you have 3X the pipeline you need to hit your quota?

Spring clean action: Spring clean your pipeline and forecast to get a realistic view of where you are so you can act upon any gap you may have.