Welcome to a special edition of our Inside Scoop, featuring not one but TWO exciting announcements and exclusive perks just for you!

Announcement #1:


We’re bring you ‘The Sales Crossroads: Evolution or Extinction’ a 3-part webinar series with special guests from LinkedIn and Salesforce joining us.

There is a reckoning in sales, and we’re here to ensure you stay ahead! Standing still is for statues!

We’ll unpack together:

  • Why is it now or never to redefine sales in the digital age.
  • The critical skills needed for a future-ready sales team in FY25.
  • The most effective growth strategies to double down on for FY25.
  • The 3 sales habits that double the probability of sellers exceeding quota.
  • How 75% of sellers exceeding quota leverage AI.
  • From reactive to proactive: creating a behavioural change that sticks.
  • How to continuously evolve and avoid getting left behind.

What’s in store:

  • Session 1: The Sales Evolution: Survival of the fittest, including Q&A with Alana Brittain, APAC Sales Leader at LinkedIn. Tuesday, 16th April, 12 pm – 1 pm AEST
  • Session 2: The Evolutionary Arsenal: AI and Digital ToolsTuesday, 23rd April, 12 pm – 1 pm AEST
  • Session 3: Adaptive Behaviours: Rewriting the Sales DNA, including Q&A with Phil Cleary, Sales Leader Excellence Coach, SalesforceTuesday, 30th April, 12 pm – 1 pm AEST

Exclusive Insider Perk #1: The first x20 of you ambitious Insiders to register and attend all sessions will receive a $25 Uber Eats voucher – our treat for your lunch and learn.


Ideas to consider:

What’s the ONE thing I want my prospect to know?

Use this question as a North Star to guide your presentation / proposal / webinar.

Redefining Sales Podcast


We’re hard at work prepping for an exciting new season. Do you have a guest or topic you would love us to cover? Reply to this email and let us know!

What I’m testing  


I am currently exploring ChatGPT plugins. Here are three that I have been playing with:

  • DesignerGPT – for design.
  • ScholarAI – for stats, facts and research papers.
  • Humanizer PRO -for copy.

Humanizer PRO for copy was probably the best fit for our needs. DesignerGPT is not where we need it to be YET, currently very basic but still impressive nonetheless.

What I’m reading 

Last week, I interviewed Tim Duggan for our next podcast season and talked about his latest book, “Work Backwards.”

Tim shakes up our thinking to redefine how we work and live our lives. Think along the lines of “Do we live to work or work to live, and how do you create your own rules that work for each of us?”

More to come on this as I get stuck into it.


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