Last week we were gobsmacked (while yelling a big HELL YES) by the news that Unilever announced they do not have a CMO anymore! What, no way, they couldn’t…..oh, but they DID!

We’re taking our hats off to Unilever and celebrating by popping the champers. Unilever has seen the writing on the wall and is taking a forward-thinking approach to bringing together sales and marketing responsibilities. Conny Braams has been appointed as Unilever’s first chief digital and commercial officer to reflect the “blurring lines” between digital marketing and commerce. Also, in the news this week, Apple has shared that they have a CEO, CFO and COO but no CMO within its ranks.

This reflects what we are seeing day in and day out, not just in B2C but considerably in B2B.

We are currently seeing so many businesses gearing up to plan their FY23. We see this as the perfect time to take this massive opportunity with both hands to bring sales and marketing closer together. Think SMarketing and deliver growth, increase the ROI, and stop the leaky funnel!

Are you ready to pull the SMarketing lever? Here are four fun facts to help give you that little extra nudge you might need:

Fun Fact 1: 

1 in 3 sales and marketing teams do not communicate regularly.

Even though 87% of sales and marketing leaders believe that collaboration between sales and marketing enables critical business growth (LinkedIn). One-third of marketing and sales teams don’t talk regularly (Upland).

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Fun Fact 2: 

Sales & Marketing can be like passing ships at night.

Would you believe that 9 in 10 sales and marketing professionals say they are misaligned across strategy, process, content and culture (LinkedIn)?

Fun Fact 3: 

It goes both ways. 

50% of sales reps do not follow up on marketing leads, while 70% of content marketers forget to enable sales (LinkedIn).

Fun Fact 4: 

Working together gets results!

When marketers and sales reps align content on specific stages of the buyer’s journey, they can achieve up to 73% higher conversion rates (Forrester).

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Oh, we could talk underwater about how much we love to talk SMarketing, (if you want more on this, check out our whitepaper: But at its core, the goal of every business is for its marketing team to attract and nurture leads, then pass on qualified prospects to their sales team to convert to customers.

SMarketing brings marketing and sales functions together, uniting strategy, process, message and culture to give customers a consistent message and guide them on a seamless purchase journey.

Action: Bring Sales & Marketing together now for FY23 planning; you won’t regret it! LINK: