As it’s the official week of love, let’s talk about relationships, and no, I don’t mean the intimate details of your valentines evening. I want to get down and dirty with the relationship between your sales and marketing teams.

The current problem

The separation of marketing and sales in modern organisations makes coordinating activities along the buyer journey hard. With different approaches to metrics, goals and strategy, marketing and sales become disconnected and misaligned, resulting in missed opportunities and slower than expected growth.

Did you know only 8% of companies have a strong alignment between their sales and marketing, often leading to disjointed and ineffective lead generation?

Despite 87% of sales and marketing leaders believing that collaboration between sales and marketing enables critical business growth (LinkedIn), one-third of marketing and sales teams don’t talk regularly (Upland). Further, 9 in 10 sales and marketing professionals say they are misaligned across strategy, process, content and culture (LinkedIn).

Do we need more evidence – it’s time to bring these two together!

The marriage of sales and marketing (SMarketing)

Marketo found that organisations with aligned sales and marketing teams had 67% higher conversion rates, and businesses who aligned sales and marketing generated over 209% more revenue than those who didn’t.

SMarketing brings marketing and sales functions together, uniting strategy, process, message and culture to give customers a consistent message and guide them on a seamless purchase journey. The results truly speak for themselves.

81% of companies that beat their revenue goals are “somewhat” or “completely” aligned (Act-On) when it comes to sales and marketing.

So, if you’re chasing business growth and higher conversion rates, SMarketing is the only answer.


Just like Valentine’s, it’s time to get your sales and marketing teams on a date. Forget the fancy restaurant; this is likely to take the form of a joint workshop. Get them both to share their experiences, brainstorm ideas, and identify any roadblocks along the entire lead generation process. The chance to compare insights and work more strategically will yield immediate and long-term results (trust us!).

Make sure they are on the same page regarding campaign objectives and ensure they are both working towards a common goal.

Reignite the passion between your teams

If you want to learn more ways to unlock growth potential and enable greater alignment, check out our Whitepaper, The State of Sales and Marketing here:

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