Ideas to consider:

Do my team need sales enablement or revenue enablement?
This is not a trick question!

If you’re scratching your head, what on earth is the difference? Sales Enablement is only for sales teams, while Revenue Enablement brings together all client-facing and revenue-generating roles, such as pre-sales, sales, customer success, and marketing.

There is a wave of momentum among businesses flocking to revenue enablement.


Because the disruption from digital sales, changing buyer profiles and preferences is forcing businesses to redefine how they unite their revenue-generating teams to deliver an epic end-to-end client experience and, ultimately, growth.

To unpack this further, check out our Sales Rev Up article here with a coffee in hand.

Question of the week:

At the Adam Grant event I recently attended, Holly Ransom, who was master emCee, and Adam shared how they handle pushback and objections. Two fantastic questions I took away from them were:

  • What evidence would change your mind?
  • What would turn your no into a yes?

KILLER questions to test!

Sales Bites Podcast

This week, we revisit Owen Steer, LinkedIn’s Regional Account Manager and one of our Rev Up experts. Owen shares how he sells, and the epic team activity LinkedIn did to open doors for new meetings.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite parts of our conversation with Owen. You can watch or listen here.

What I’m testing? 

This week, one of my amazing team proactively came to our team meeting with 3 split tests for podcast thumbnails to stop the scroll.

She had researched content online and came to three conclusions:

  • Draw the eye to one focal stand-out point; one thing clearly stands out.
  • The thumbnail needs to feel active i.e. animated expressions, people in motion and high-contrast
  • Not using full podcast title in the thumbnail but just keywords or cliffhangers to spark intrigue

We are now going to work to split-test her 3 new creatives.

What I’m reading? 

This week, I’m leaning back into learning about Membership models and launch strategies. I’m revisiting Launch by Jeff Walker.

Just like a movie will be promoted for weeks before release with a trailer and the actors will be interviewed on every talk show known to man as part of a press tour, what’s the business version of this to launch your product or service?

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