How boring are you? ????

That’s the mind-boggling question the legendary Maz Speaks had our Rev Up members consider this week. And let me tell you, it’s a question that got us all fired up and ready to take action.

Maz shared with our members her 10 ComMAZments from her experience producing hit TV shows and with a whopping 8 BILLION views under her belt! Seriously can you even imagine the power of that kind of reach?!

If you’re feeling the FOMO, here’s a snippet of a few key takeaways from the only and only Maz herself:

1. Boring doesn’t convert! ???? Do a BORING AUDIT of your LinkedIn profile, your website, and your assets. It’s time to kick out the dull and embrace the extraordinary! Let’s face it: being memorable is all about crafting that one line that hooks people, and businesses can be made or broken with a single pitch.

2. Pull, don’t push: ???? What does your audience want? Stop pushing your product and service on them—create the PULL effect! Draw them in. It’s not up to your consumers to be interested in what you have to offer, it’s up to you to make your content interesting, engaging, and impossible to resist!

3. Remember, entertainment equals engagement, and engagement equals ACTION! ???? When it comes to captivating your audience and driving them to take action, entertainment is your secret weapon! If you can entertain them with your content, you’ll grab their attention, hold their interest, and compel them to take action. You have a mere 30 seconds to hook people in and convince them to give you just 30 MORE seconds. It’s time to get creative, people!

4. And let’s not forget that HUMOUR trumps everything! ???? How can you infuse your content with humour that leaves your audience wanting more? It’s time to let go of the boring words and cut through the noise. Get to the heart of the matter and leave your audience in stitches.

We love Maz’s comMAZments so much that we actually have an internal “Maz Boring Checklist” for every piece of content that we deliver because, let’s face it, we know it works. I mean, nothing says “creative genius” like recycling overused phrases, come on, people, it’s time to shake things up.