Ideas to consider:

What is your FQ (Focus Quotient)?

I saw a post by Dr Kristy Goodwin about your Focus Quotient (FQ) being more important than your IQ. As someone who struggles with shiny toy syndrome (wanting to do any new shiny idea), this resonated with me, as I need to be very mindful of it. To overcome this, I’ve given myself a 6-week work goal, which is driving huge FQ and a sense of urgency, so this leads me to my question on the week…

Question of the week:

Can you create a short-term goal to increase your FQ?

Sales Bites Podcast

This week, we revisit John Foong, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Domain and former employee at Google, Uber and McKinsey & Company.

In this conversation, John shares:

  • How great organisations scale
  • Remarkable sales strategies
  • Why investing in your people is paramount to success
  • The significance of trust in sale

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite parts of our conversation with John.

You can watch or listen here.

What I’m testing?

This week the testing is all around copy! I’m testing new copywriters to find someone who can really grasp our tone, our brand and help us pack a punch! It’s been a real challenge to find great copywriters that can hook attention and cut out the white noise! The more I delve deep into growth opportunities, the more I understand the importance of killer copy that stops the scroll! I will let you know how I go!

Update on previous testing: I did not stick with Apollo for prospecting as it did not feel right for me, but I am LOVING LinkedIn Account IQ / Sales Navigator and have really started finding my groove with it.

Other testing updates, we are seeing video outperform static on socials, so it seems to be where the party is at people!

What I’m reading? 

Over the past week, I’ve had a sick kid and much less time for reading. NOOO!

I will revisit one of my favourites instead. In last week’s REV UP session, I shared with our members that the first real book I got into and changed the game for me was “Your Brain at Work” by David Rock. I loved how highly practical and easy to read the book was with real world scenarios but backed by neuroscience. If you want an entry point into understanding better emotional intelligence and neuroscience at work, this one is for you!

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