Ideas to consider: 

How can we reduce the time from learning to execution as a superfood for growth? 

I’m currently on holiday and revisiting some of my favourite books. We tend to execute a fraction of what we learn (guilty as charged!). To try and combat this, I’m testing this process: 

  1. Read and highlight points I want to execute 
  2. Briefly, in a one-liner, summarise notes at the back of the book with page references  
  3. Once I finish reading, I open Asana and create tasks from the summary for learnings I want to action. 


The power is not in reading but in execution. 

Question of the week: 

The secret of sales is simple: It’s about keeping momentum and consistently building the pipeline, just like compound interest. Ten minutes of prospecting five days a week builds to 200 minutes of prospecting a month. 
What minimum outreach can you commit to on your busiest days that will give you a compound interest effect?

Redefining Sales Podcast

This week’s podcast is one not to be missed. I chatted with Bianca Errigo, Co-Founder of HumanOS.  Prior to HumanOS Bianca was one of the highest performing sales professionals globally for a leading IT company.  
After a life changing experience, she went on to Co-Found HumanOS to focus on how we can thrive as individuals and how organisations can support their employee wellbeing. 
If you’ve got 2024 habits, you’re on a mission to stick to, this conversation is just for you!
You can watch or listen here.

What are we testing? 

I’ve started using Fireflies AI on recommendation from Julie Masters. Fireflies AI takes notes from your meetings, summarises notes and actions, but also analyses sentiment. 
Fireflies has saved me a lot of time when revisiting meeting notes to purely listen to a particular section I want to refresh my memory on. 

What I’m reading? 

I’m revisiting my favourite sales funnel books by Russell Bruson, Traffic Secrets and The Linchpin.  These are my absolute go-to for sales funnels and about my third time re-reading.  
Golden nugget: Are you using your Thank You Pages (Landing pages) to offer the next step, it’s prime real estate to softly offer the next step on the journey.

New Podcast find!  

Yesterday, I came across the Billion Dollar Creator podcast; I listened to the episode on building communities (a hot topic for me as we focus on serving our Rev Up members and community). 

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