We recently attended ADMA Global Forum, which had a bumper line up, including the one and only Gary Vee, entrepreneur, author and esteemed speaker.

What I find fascinating about Gary Vee is his ability to predict what will be the next big thing in marketing, and of course, you never quite know what to expect from Gary!

As always, he delivered the goods.

Here are our top 7 takeaways to share:

  1. “I never decide on things based on personal view.” Always remove your subconscious bias. 
  2. Adopt a consumer-centric model, and make videos people actually want to watch. The winners will be the brands that want to bring value to their audience. 
  3. Don’t be corporate centric; be consumer-centric. Too many businesses are still leading with corporate centric. If you make consumer-centric decisions, you will win.
  4. Creatives are still the variable of success in marketing. As we learned in other sessions from the day, test your creatives. 
  5. Focus on delivering business results. This might seem obvious, but many marketing campaigns still fail to deliver an ROI, a topic close to our hearts! Vaynermedia, the media agency owned by Gary, is selective and only takes on campaigns that will drive real commercial results.
  6. If you haven’t considered TikTok for business, you are missing an opportunity (we are adding this to our hit list, too, a reminder on the previous point to remove personal bias!).
  7. Influencer marketing and audio are both powerful opportunities for 2022. When we search with voice, we think in questions, factor this into your content strategy.

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