As the new financial year is underway, I thought it would be fitting to share 7 lessons we’ve learned from our Rev Up experts that we will embrace for FY24.

As a SMarketing lowdown reader, I’m going to pull back the curtain and let you take a look at what’s been happening inside our community.

If you have missed the memo, Rev Up is our high-impact membership where we bring you live masterclasses curated by the biggest brains in the business world.

  1. Build neural pathways with your team members and prospects. The old saying of we buy from people we like stands true, finding a common point of connection scientifically works!
  2. We are motivated more if we understand the why behind the business or the task at hand. Give meaning as to why the team need to reach the goal, what will happen when we get there?
  3. Only 5% of people respond well to avoidance goals – that’s the goals which focus on avoiding something negative happening, such as failing to hit a target or losing a deal.
  4. Account Based Everything is where it’s at! Consider which accounts you want to go deep and focus your efforts on. Bring together sales and marketing to create an Account Based Sales and Marketing approach. Businesses are doubling down on the account based approach and avoiding damaging spray and pray.
  5. The rise of eCommerce: It’s time to use eCommerce to our advantage. 48% of revenue already comes from digital channels, with that number set to rise to a whopping 66% in just two years, but what does that mean for our beloved sales teams?  The rise of ecommerce is not a threat, but an opportunity for us to explore new ways of reaching our customers.
  6. It’s time to think RevOps, the happy marriage of revenue generating teams working together to serve the customer. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of the world’s highest-growth companies will be rocking the Revenue Operations (RevOps) model. This means bringing together the revenue-generating teams and breaks down the silos.
  7. BORING doesn’t convert and in a world where being forgettable is a recipe for disaster, you have less than 30 seconds to hook people in with your content. Maz Farrelly taught us to cut the “white noise” and pack a punch. Conduct a boring audit. Say goodbye to generic statements and overused buzzwords. Deliver STICKY INFORMATION that leaves a lasting impact and sticks in your audience’s minds. In other words, cut away the fat and only leave the MEAT.