Getting an ROI on your lead generation campaign can feel like mission impossible.

If that sounds familiar we’re here to help and unpack the insights from our highest performing campaigns.

We don’t like to brag but using these exact 6 steps we’ve seen 2000%+ ROI campaigns, so grab your coffee and read on.

1. Start at the top:

To truly integrate generate an ROI you need to think SMarketing, and pull your sales and marketing into alignment to jointly get behind the campaign. Without this, leads never get followed up, campaign assets are never shared and results are out of reach. We believe it all starts at the top. Our most successful projects have CEOs or General Managers who lead from the front to set the culture, the process and the joint goals.

2. Collaborate from day 1:

Marketing teams often generate entire campaigns with no involvement from sales teams, who are arguably closest to the customer insights. The result is that many campaigns lack vital insights from the sales team and the content doesn’t truly speak to the customers’ greatest challenges. Around 70 percent of content marketing produced never gets used.

Kick start with a discovery workshop with both sales and marketing. Ask where each is seeing success, what customer challenges they are hearing and likewise what is not working. Find the common ground to create a collaborative and truly customer-centric campaign.

3. Nut out what’s working:

Right now, our highest-performing campaigns focus on what is critical and of top priority for the target market, not what is ‘nice to have’. To find this out, research the content your audiences are engaging with and ask your sales teams what the hottest topics for their customers are.

Using this approach for a remote work campaign during COVID-19, we secured a 2,065 percent ROI for a leading global IT vendor.

4. Find the low-hanging fruit:

Most businesses focus disproportionately on new business and often overlook the gold that sits within their existing database and existing customers. The low-hanging fruit is nearly always your existing customers. Find the gold that exists in your database and the hidden opportunities. Taking this approach just last week we reactivated a dormant account for a client.

5. Nurture, nurture, nurture:

Sales are like relationships – many businesses are trying to get married on the first date and are missing the essential dating process. Most campaigns we see in-market are one-hit wonders, which do not work and do not reflect how buyers today purchase. Statistically speaking it takes 12+ touchpoints to convert a new prospect so map out the nurturing process.

Always offer a soft and logical next step. For example, if a prospect downloads an eBook, try inviting them to a webinar as a second date. After a webinar invites them for a free trial or free assessment.

90% of sales stall because the salesperson did not ask for a next step. If you don’t offer the next step, you are leaving the opportunity on the table.

6. Always follow up:

Following up might sound obvious, but it is often overlooked. Around 80 percent of sales take five follow-ups or more, but 44 percent of sales professionals only follow up once. You can generate hundreds of leads, but with no follow-up process, you will never generate an ROI. Following up at speed is critical.

50% of sales professionals do not follow up marketing leads, if this isn’t nipped in the bud by leadership the lead generation campaign will have limited success.

Ready for a 2nd date?

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