We achieved a 50% open rate and 40% CTR on a recent email campaign. How? Apart from split testing, we identified 5 key things that helped achieve this epic result.

But why is it so important we get this right?

Well, 59% of customers say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. So, you need to make sure YOUR email gets opened.

Let’s find out how!

1. Subject lines

A recent Omnisend study found that 35% of customers open emails based solely on the subject line, and more importantly, 69% of customers mark an email as spam based on the subject line. So, your subject line really can make or break your campaign.

Our advice is split test where humanly possibly, and when you’re crafting your subject lines, try to be intriguing and generate curiosity. You want to give them a teaser of what’s inside but not spill all your secrets.


  • Use preheader text to support your subject lines.
  • An ideal subject line is between 4-7 words.
  • This handy little tool is free and fantastic for testing and optimising your subject lines: https://www.omnisend.com/subject-line-tester/

2. Don’t use too many words that could be deemed spam

Familiarise yourself with spam trigger words and avoid using them where possible. Any jargon or legalese tends to be picked up as with any unethical language.

3. Images 

Check your text to image ratio. A 70/30 or 80/20 split favouring text is usually preferable. The fewer images we included in our testing, the better results we got.

4. Personalise

The more personalised your email is, the more likely you are to sail through the spam filters. We highly recommend avoiding sending your emails from a task ID or generic company email. We found that sending from the CEO or another prominent person within the company improved the open rate dramatically.

5. CTA

Make sure you only include one obvious and irresistible call to action. We recently split tested a campaign to a cold database and used two different methods to display the CTA, one with a hyperlink and the other with a button. The hyperlink far surpassed the button in terms of open rates.

If you think this is just a marketing problem, think again. Salespeople have the most regular contact with prospects, much of this via email. They need to understand what will make a prospect open THEIR email and not the other 500 clogging prospects’ inboxes.

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