It’s our 5th birthday today and to celebrate I thought I would share my top 5 lessons learnt in business since our humble beginnings.

1. Don’t stand still: 

A good friend, Julie Masters, says it is always version 8. We have had many iterations of Sales Redefined, and I often felt like it was Goldie Locks and the three bears, too hot, too cold, and then just right. It took us really listening to the feedback from customers and what was constantly being asked of us before we struck on the current model. However, there’s been a dramatic change in the market and acceleration of digital sales due to COVID. I know there is no time to stand still and continue to look at the next iteration of our offerings.

Top Tip: Look at the market predictions for the next five years. Don’t stand still.

2. Find the third door: 

One of my favourite books is The Third Door by Alex Banyan. Alex interviewed people who have achieved extraordinary things, including Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Olympic Athletes and many more. He found that the ONE Thing that separates them from the rest was that they could find the third door. He used an analogy of being in a nightclub queue; 99% of people stand in line waiting for their turn, hoping they get into the club, but ultimately their destiny is out of their hands. 0.5% of people have a VIP backstage entrance, and maybe they know the band. The final 0.5% found a third door, perhaps a bathroom window was open, and they could climb in.

Whenever trying to find a way in business, I’ve stopped and asked, what’s the third door here, to challenge myself to think of another way.

Top Tip: Next time you’re in a pickle, try finding the Third Door!

3. Speed and execution: 

There is no shortage of good ideas in the world, but the speed of execution counts. Once we found a gap in the market, we doubled down fast, delivering 78% year-on-year growth last year. Too often, we overthink it or wait. If an opportunity arises, grab it with both hands and GO. We don’t get everything right, but as the saying goes, fail fast. In today’s market, speed is a competitive advantage.

Top tip: We use 4 Disciplines of Execution as a methodology. Have a bias for action, not perfection.

4. Identify the ONE Thing: 

I’m a turbofan of the ONE Thing. Earlier in the year, when it just felt like all the wheels were falling off, I stopped to think about what would be the One Thing that would make everything else easier or irrelevant. I was asking myself this about business, but I realised the answer was personal. SLEEP.

My son was waking up several times a night, every single night for months on end. I think he is allergic to sleep. I’d struggle to be at my best for work or have the energy to work out. I identified that if he slept, then I’d sleep, I’d focus more at work, be more productive, inhale less coffee, be more likely to go to the gym, and be less grumpy with my husband (maybe!)! We engaged a sleep consultant, and within days he was sleeping.

Don’t get me wrong, when he gets sick (like he is now), we are back on the no sleep train, but overall, I’m in a much better place personally and professionally. As soon as we fall off the wagon, I re-engage our sleep consultant if needed, as I know that’s the ONE Thing for me.

Top Tip: Identify your ONE Thing which would make everything else easier or irrelevant.

5. Proactive Habits:

My observation in business and personal life is that those who succeed at a high level are consistent and disciplined and have built proactive habits embedded into their life. Consistency is currently a very high priority for me personally and in business. I am far from perfect on it (again, perfection doesn’t exist), but I’ve found changing my mindset to strive for consistency rather than the actual result I’m trying to achieve is a game-changer.

My Business Game Changer has been not accepting meetings before 10 am, I rarely do, and I use the start of my day to work on my priorities and be proactive to move the needle before the rest of the day goes wild.

Personal Game Changer has been doubling down on my self-care; yes, this sounds cheesy, but as Jacinta McDonell (Co-Founder Anytime Fitness) said when work got full-on, she doubled down on her self-care to be able to step up to the plate. President Obama was famous for making time for basketball; if he can do it, so can we.

Top tip: What do you do religiously that helps you to be on you’re A-game?

BONUS Answer

Build a dream team: 

This one you would have heard me say before. I strongly believe in the Dream Team I have around me. Not only our incredible SR team, but my mentor, who I’d be lost without, third parties we engage and love, and my supportive hubby, who has the patience of a saint regarding my work. Having a business sometimes pushes you into some very dark, ugly corners, and that dream team is well needed.

Top Tip: Whether you are a business owner or not, build your dream team. Who do you need in your dream team other than direct employees (if a business owner), a mentor, a sports coach, an accountant, or others?