Hello, 2022!

If you’re considering a sales kick-off to rejuvenate your team and get them ramped up and ready for action, here are 3 fundamentals to help you plan for success.

  1. Don’t postpone! 

Over the past few years, we’ve seen countless sales kick-offs cancelled due to our not so good friend COVID.

 Now, more than ever, team members need a sales reset. For some, it will be the first opportunity to meet colleagues, and for others, it will be about reigniting their mojo and boosting morale—a worthy investment in our eyes.

 If you can’t do face to face kick-off, go hybrid or virtual; either is better than nothing.

 It’s essential for all of us to return to some shape of normality and to leverage the opportunity to set the team up for the year ahead with a strong sense of clarity and direction on 2022 goals.

2. Invest in your team. 

 2022 is the year of the Great Resignation, where PwC predicts that in the next 12 months, 40% of the workforce will resign and change roles.

 Now is the time to protect your top talent, show they have a career path with your organisation and discuss how you will proactively invest in their career development.

Provide sales enablement within your kick-off session on the skills your organisation needs most to thrive in 2022.

However, the “Forgetting Curve” theory founded by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus shows that learners will forget an average of 90% of what they have learned within the first month.

So, before you spend $1 on sales enablement, you need to look at how you can embed the learnings beyond the enablement session. Don’t forget; it also needs to be highly practical and realistic to stand a chance of success.

3. Think SMarketing 

At Sales Redefined, we believe in ending the great divide between sales and marketing. Only 8% of companies have a strong alignment between their sales and marketing, and those that do generate 209% more revenue. That’s a whopping big reason to play nicely with your marketing colleagues.

 If you want to drive hypergrowth, it’s essential to have sales and marketing aligned and singing from the same hymn sheet.

Try including a sales and marketing workshop session within your kick-off to brainstorm ways to deliver growth in 2022.

 So, there you have it, 3 tips that will set your session up for success.

Of course, we couldn’t let you go without sharing the opportunity to discuss your grand kick-off plans with us. It’s simple, schedule a chat via the link below, come prepared with your ideas, and we will work our magic (with the promise of no sales pitch!). What’s best is that it’s on us!

 Register now: https://calendly.com/salesredefined/2022-sales-sick-off