Ideas to consider:

2X your chance of exceeding sales quota with 3 habits

LinkedIn and Ipsos have just released research from a global study of over 2,000 sellers and narrowed 104 seller behaviours into 3 habits for success. Those who practice these 3 habits have 2X more probability of exceeding quota, and those who don’t are 6X more likely to miss quota.

Staggeringly, only 18% of sellers take a “deep sales” approach and truly adopt these behaviours and habits:

✅ Habit 1: Prioritise High Potential Accounts – Focus where it matters.
✅ Habit 2: Build Key Buyer Relationships – Connect genuinely.
✅ Habit 3: Uncover Hidden Allies & Timely Intel – Make your outreach resonate.

To unpack these and dig into the juicy habits, check out our Sales Rev Up article here with a coffee in hand.

Question of the week

Where would it help me to think like a scientist? What would my hypothesis be, and what are my performance indicators?

Last week, I saw Adam Grant, Organisational Psychologist and the bestselling author of THINK AGAIN and Hidden Potential.

A concept that resonated with me was to think like a scientist—test by creating a hypothesis and set performance markers to deem the experiment a success or failure. I’ve started applying this to marketing strategies we are testing and loving it!

Sales Bites Podcast

This week, we revisit one of my favourite humans and one of our Rev Up experts, Sue Langley. Sue is a global expert in Positive Psychology, neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite parts of our conversation with Sue.

You can watch or listen here.

What I’m testing

I’m getting back into LinkedIn Sales Navigator again this week, and LOVING some of the newer functionalities, such as AccountIQ, which I’ve previously talked about:

If you are in prospecting mode, check out the Best path in the section to find warm hidden allies as per habit 3 above!

Looking at “best path in”:

  • Do they follow our company page?
  • Have they viewed my profile recently
  • Is there a past colleague
  • Is there a shared experience

What I’m reading

This week, I’ve spent quite a while absorbing the new LinkedIn playbook and research we talked about above; you can check it out here.

I’ve also found myself revisiting Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett yet again, on my mission to read less and action more! I referred to “The Goldilocks Advantage”.

The Goldilocks effect is a type of Anchoring; you get presented with two extreme options next to the option you’re hoping to sell to make the middle option appear more attractive and reasonable.

In Steven’s example, he had been shown three houses even though he had only asked to see one. The first was too small and overpriced; The second was the one he had requested and only slightly more expensive than the first, and the third was extremely expensive and overpriced. Steven went for you, got it – the middle option!

How can you leverage the Goldilocks Advantage?

The next book by my bedside is a bit different for me: Fast Like a Girl by Dr Mindy Pelz. Stay tuned!

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