Ideas to consider:

Are you utilising MIFGE?

A MIFGE is the Most Incredible Free Gift Ever! This is a concept by Dan Kennedy (Marketing guru) and advanced by Russell Brunson (Sales Funnel Guru). What’s fascinating in their examples is the unbelievable increase in conversion by adding a simple but irresistible bonus.

I’ve applied this strategy in enterprise bundles and as simple standalone bonuses.

We often need to pay more attention to simple but high-impact sales strategies.

Adding a bonus is also a $1Billion Dollar strategy Taylor Swift uses, whether you’re a Swiftie or not; check out our 5 Sales and Marketing Lessons from Taylor Swift here.

Question of the week: 

What’s the first obvious step?
Often, the biggest barrier is just starting. I frequently revisit this question from the book Effortless by Greg McKeown.   
If you were to ask me the key to success in sales in one word, momentum!  
I saw this principle in action several years ago when starting our podcast. I had the idea to start a podcast, but I instantly started talking myself out of it, telling myself I didn’t know how to begin a podcast and who, other than my mother, would listen!  
I took the first step; I emailed two people to see if they would be guests. I told them about the amazing podcast I was launching (no mention of the fact this was a brain fart 5 minutes ago, and I didn’t know how!). They both said yes within an hour, and one said she was free next week. The rest is history; I figured it out!

So, what is the obvious first step? Start and sustain the momentum.

Sales Bites Podcast

This week, we revisit a firm favourite with Tim Duggan. We explore KILLER thinking and how to build Cult Status.

Tim is an author and new media entrepreneur. He has co-founded several digital media ventures, most notably Junkee Media, one of the leading publishers for Australian millennials that was acquired by ASX-listed oOh!media. His first book, Cult Status: How to Build a Business People Adore, was named the Best Entrepreneurship Book at the 2021 Australian Business Book Awards. His second book, Killer Thinking: How to Turn Good Ideas into Brilliant Ones, explores creativity in the workplace.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How to cut through the noise.
  • The Killer Execution
  • The importance of thinking holistically about your brand
  • Everything comes back to SALES
  • How to launch a killer idea


You can watch or listen here.

What I’m testing? 

Last week, I talked to you about obsessing over Thumbnails; this week, I am testing six LinkedIn ads based on the different variations of thumbnails, headlines and calls to action.

A big theme from all of my reading is that those who have greater success are those who test more.

Here is a recap of a few previous testing shares:

  • Apollo: I’m stll not sure v.s. LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Currently, I prefer LinkedIn.
  • Fireflies AI: Loving it saves me time, and that’s a keeper as an AI note taker!
  • Thumbnails: My obsession continues, and lots of testing!
  • Calendly on website: Loving it; it’s a keeper!


What I’m reading?

I recently read Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett, and I’m now circling back on his points on building a memorable brand. One of his laws was, “You must p*ss people off”.

His take is to feel free to alienate people with emotional, bold, diverse marketing, as triggering a response to 20% of your audience and enraging 80% is better than 100% indifference. Make people feel something either way!

As Maz Farrelly says, boring costs money! Use terminology that is unexpected, unusual and unsaturated.

Habituation is the phenomenon of our brain adjusting to repeated stimuli and ignoring or downgrading significance, just like we do a white noise machine. Habituation makes us delete that marketing email in 5 seconds flat when it starts with “now more than ever before” or “in unprecedented times” – we switch off!

I’m currently playing with this concept as I’m revisiting our branding, and I’m getting ready to put on my big girl pants to go bold and stand for something!


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