Ideas to consider:

What is my minimum standard for proactive prospecting?

I came across the concept of making a minimum standard commitment to myself for each area of my life, from work to health to relationships, etc. Why not apply this to prospecting?

The theory is to raise the bar on your own expectations and commitments. My commitment is to make a minimum of three proactive prospecting outreaches a day, no matter how busy I am.

Could you apply this?

FY25 Sales Kick Off

If your Sales Kick Off or annual conference is coming up, I’d love to upskill your sales team to play a high-performance game in FY25. If you’d like to chat over a virtual coffee you can book here.

Question of the week

Did I continue momentum on the success curve this week?

I recently read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, and it continues to have a huge impact on me. A concept I am thinking about daily in my journalling is whether I gained small momentum on the success curve each day.

Missing one day of prospecting doesn’t have a big impact today, but each missed day adds up over time, and I will end up on the wrong side of the success curve!

A key principle from the book is doing what you’ve committed to – even when nobody else is watching.

What I’m testing

I’ve been testing “cold” LinkedIn connections and found a far better success rate (approximately 90%) with the standard LI connection message than connecting with a personalised message. I’ve followed up with a personalised message as the second step once connected.

We are also testing Google ads again and will report back!

What’s happening at Sales Redefined?

We’ve opened a waitlist for our upcoming B2B Prospecting Blueprint 1-day live virtual masterclass. (Can you tell there is a prospecting theme going on!). If you want to know more and join the waitlist to receive the early bird code, check it out here.

We’re also excited to see my podcast interview with Bec Chappell on Marketing Espresso go live, where I talked about marriage counselling for sales and marketing & how to bring the love for growth. You can check it out here.

Next week, I am interviewing Lucy Lee from Purple Patch on….. Prospecting! Reply with your questions, and I will get them answered!

What I’m listening

As you can tell, I’ve dipped back into The Slight Edge! Lately I’m focusing more on implementing my biggest takeaways before running to the next book.

I’ve also been checking out “Discovery Daily” a short daily AI generated podcast largely around AI and tech. Well worth checking out!

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