When it comes to sales, we all know speed counts.

But did you realise quite how much it counts?

Businesses who reach leads within an hour are 7x likelier to have meaningful conversations with decision makers than those who wait over 60 minutes

This doesn’t mean you need to provide a full quote/response in under an hour, but at a minimum a simple acknowledgement of the enquiry is needed.

If you have a high volume of enquiries consider a simple automated message as a placeholder to let customers know you will be in such shortly, eg within 24 hours.

Fast lead times is just one element of customer experience which consumers today are demanding. A recent survey of over 3,000 global businesses also highlighted 24/7 availability as a common customer expectation.

Finally, predictive selling is the new trend in high performing sales

What this means is that buyers/consumers expect businesses to anticipate their requirements in advance and proactively reach out to them.

For some the answer to predictive selling is a more technical solution with artificial intelligence. However I strongly believe this is something we can all do with small simple tweaks to our sales process that ensure we are thinking proactively about our clients journey and what they will need next.

The punch line is reactive is no longer an option, we need to move to proactive sales strategies to retain and delight our customers.