How does social media impact sales?

How does social media impact sales?

This week i’m SUPER excited to be a guest on the ‘Social Media Nibbles’ Podcast by Paula O’Sullivan.

We talked about what impact does social media have on sales?

Tips for how to ‘get stuff done’ when it comes to sales and make it happen to get results! Easier said than done sometimes to take massive action!  We break into down into a couple simple but highly effective hacks for you!

We also talked about how you can ditch the negative beliefs around sales to stop thinking “I’m not a natural sales person”.

Mindset is such an enormous part of sales. If you think you can’t do sales, you won’t. It’s that simple.

Addressing any limiting beliefs around sales is the starting point to growing your business.

In the podcast I share some practical actions you can take such as printing off your favourite client testimonial and putting it on your desk and screen saver. Use this is a constant reminder of the great results you get for clients and how sales is the path to get this same result for more people!

For bucket loads more practical tips to increase your sales and how you can leverage social media in the process, check out the 20 minute action packed podcast by clicking below.

Social Media Nibbles

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