“What CRM should I use?” is one of the top 5 questions we get asked.


A CRM is one of the most critical tools for sales and marketing teams and when used correctly it is a real asset to your business 💰💰

There is no one size fits all but the great news is that there are many powerful and cost-effective tools out there in the market today, so there is no need to remortgage your house.

We recommend following the super simple 3 step process below to select the right CRM for your business:

1) Identify what functionality you need 💻

2) Determine what integrations you need 📲

3) Set yourself a budget 💵

Many businesses only use 10% of the CRM functionality so be careful not to get carried away.

Write down a list of nice to have vs essential functionality.


  • Be realistic about what you actually need, otherwise you will pay for functionality that does not get used.
  • Most CRM have a free trial, do a free trial to try the tool first hand.
  • Be cautious of recommendations from others as they are unlikely to have the same requirements as you.
  • Ideally select a CRM which integrates to your financial systems and quoting tools to avoid duplicating effort.
  • Take into account future growth and look at pricing as you grow, will there be a big jump?

We asked an independent researcher to do a comparison of the best CRM on the market. Download the comparison here