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At Sales Redefined, we are action-oriented and set on achieving the most ambitious of results for our clients.

To see this real and significant growth, we believe that consulting in isolation isn’t effective. Instead, we offer a collaborative approach, staying with you as part of your team from strategy right through to execution. This way we can incorporate the findings, move on to the next opportunities and keep your long-term goals in sight, ensuring you reach your full potential and smash your performance goals.

Our simple and highly effective strategies are real solutions that are easy to execute and are tailored, so they integrate seamlessly into your culture, capability and stage of business.

Here’s a snapshot of our enablement project

We start with a potent discovery workshop to uncover the top 3 tactical (sprints) and top 3 strategic (marathon) sales initiatives. We’ll identify key opportunities for growth, hidden opportunities and “low hanging fruit” as well as identify key opportunities to optimise the sales process and improve conversion. Any skills gaps will be identified.
The sales growth plan will be created and presented back to management for discussion and collaboration for finalisation. Along with the strategic recommendations, it will include simple steps for effective execution. In order to focus resources, a priority order will be determined with an actionable plan.
Highly practical and action-oriented, we’ll run a tailored half day workshop specifically to enable the team to execute the sales recommendations effectively. We’ll develop the skillset of the entire team, so they feel confident with sales conversations and empowered to confidently execute the plan with clear actions to be executed.
We’ll run follow up execution sessions to support the initial execution of the plan with ongoing support and accountability including management of the project via our tools with ownership and timelines. Collaboratively, we’ll overcome any initial teething issues in the testing and execution phase and look for opportunities to optimise conversion.

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about selling or experienced other blocks to your sales success, don’t struggle anymore. Armed with a clear plan, our support and unshakable confidence in your ability to take action, you’ll discover a new authentic way to sell that feels natural and fun.

Ready to smash your revenue goals?

The sales performance strategies enabling ambitious Australian businesses to grow and thrive.


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