In the pursuit to grow your business, you face a countless number of opportunities, challenges, and complexities.

No doubt, every day there will be a vast number of opinions and questions directed at you: How can we sell more? Is this the right strategy? Could we do it quicker?

Whilst questions are powerful, they stop being helpful when they cause inaction. A failure to execute your strategy could be the biggest factor in not achieving your sales targets for the year!


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Do you have a plan?

Developing a strategy is critical. It allows you to set your sales objectives and make choices.

You may have started the year with a watertight sales strategy, some great ideas or just a skeleton plan. Either way, it is likely that the major game-changer will not be polishing & perfecting the ideas, rather it will be how effectively you execute your plan.

Action creates results, so remember that imperfect action is better than no action at all. Get closer to your sales goals by making a start.

Start by having a closer look at your sales strategy, does it include the fundamentals:

  • Revenue & profit goals
  • The product and services that will contribute to these goals
  • Key milestones with a timeframe
  • Steps you will take to achieve your goals

If you find one of these key elements is missing, go back, do the necessary thinking and complete your plan in readiness for execution.

All strategy and no action?

You may have a watertight strategy or a great idea, however, if you do not bring it to life, it is merely a fantasy. The reason that great ideas don’t reach their potential is down to poor execution. You need to ask yourself why you are not executing your sales tactics. Start by reviewing the steps you developed to achieve your goals and determine what the biggest barriers are.

Is it an avoidance issue?

Many business owners simply don’t like sales or the concept of selling, therefore, sales comes last on the to-do list (behind going to the dentist).

Is it just not your priority?

Maybe you have struggled to establish a regular sales routine within your business.

Is it time?

Most of us are time-poor and if it is time that is holding you back you can certainly overcome this perceived barrier.

Turning your strategy into action

Putting your sales strategy into action can be the difference between no leads and a tsunami of new sales. If you are trying to grow your business, 80% of your time should be dedicated to selling, so you really need to make selling a habit today! Let us take the example of avoidance, lack of prioritisation and time as being the barriers to executing your plan. You can overcome these by implementing a few simple changes:

Learn to fall in love with sales

If you find selling uncomfortable and avoid it, you may benefit from sales coaching or mentoring to help you sell authentically.  

Making sales your priority

The way to avoid sales coming last on your to-do-list is to time block a non-negotiable regular time slot dedicated to driving your sales. Doing this 3-5 times per week consistently will build a habit.

Free up time

You will need to find resources that you can leverage to help you achieve your sales goals. Outsourcing particular tasks may be the answer to freeing up your time. An example is outsourcing your administration to a virtual EA.

Ready to put your ideas into action?