Last week our Founder Abbie went to a City of Sydney event with guest speakers from Linkedin.

We are seeing some real traction with Linkedin both for ourselves and our clients so we were keen to stay up to date with the latest insights.

LinkedIn shared some really fantastic tops tips which we’ve put into action and have been testing out.

Here are our 7 tip tops which we got from the presentation:

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1) 50% of social traffic to websites is via Linkedin

WOW, we knew Linkedin was having a big impact, but 50% is HUGE! We are really doubling down our efforts on LinkedIn over other platforms and advising clients to do the same (where it makes sense with their target market and objectives).


2) InMail has a higher success rate than eDM in many cases

InMail has a success rate of 15%, this is a higher success rate than eDM’s in many cases. The average eDM click through rate is 2.78% according to (Source: MarketingInsider).

Before jumping straight into InMail it’s important to go back to basics to personalise your message and add value to the conversation just as you would do offline.


3) Use TeamLink (for those using Sales Navigator in a team)

The best way to make a new connection is asking for an introduction via a mutual connection. To understand who might be connected to that prospect you’ve been dying to speak to use TeamLink. TeamLink is a tool within LinkedIn Sales Navigator which allows you to explore and leverage the entire team’s network. This is really EPIC for sales teams!

4) Have a clear call to action (CTA) in your initial message

Now this one is up for debate!

Many leading experts on LinkedIn social selling do not recommend a strong call to action in the first message and encourage building a connection first before asking for a meeting (or other call to action). However, the LinkedIn team believe this depends on who you are messaging. Where you might be trying to reach a C level executive for example cutting straight to the chase for someone who is time poor might achieve a better response rate.

My personal take on this is testing, testing, testing. Do x20 messages, 10 with a call to action and 10 without. Which do you get a better response on? Keep refining the message with this approach and go again.


5) Check if your CRM syncs with Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can sync with your CRM (depending on which CRM you are using). This is an awesome feature and fantastic for sales teams. Check out if your CRM is compatible here.

6) Create an opportunity for a conversation and then take it offline

Create opportunities for a conversation. Please don’t just post a picture of you at an event, give us some top takeaways or ask a question to get a conversation going.

Once you’ve started a conversation, particularly via InMail approach, take it offline to phone or face to face.


7) Considering timing

When posting on LinkedIn consider the most popular time of day for your audience. For many this is early in the morning or evening when commuting.

THANK YOU to City of Sydney Council and LinkedIn for an amazing event.


So let’s start that conversation….. Tell us in the comments how you are using LinkedIn and what you would most like to learn about LinkedIn so we can work on some more top tips for you?