Over the past week I have been doing FY 18/ 19 Sales plans with all of my clients. This has given us an incredible amount of clarity to focus on the year ahead. 

I wanted to share my top 5 tips for building your FY 18/19 Sales plan. 

1) Reflect on FY 17/18 for a moment, what worked well which you can double down on? What didn’t work that needs to stop? 

Success leaves clues, stop, reflect and spot them! 

2) What are your top 3 goals for the next year. By this time next year what do you hope to have achieved i.e launched new offering, entered new market, achieved a particular goal. This gives enormous focus! 

If we don’t have clarity on where we are driving the bus, we don’t commit to executing the plan. 

3) What are the revenue and profit goals for the next 12 months, divide these by quarter and by month. Take into account any seasonality.

Don’t forget about profit, as most business owners only focus on the revenue. 

4) As not all opportunities convert successfully to sales I usually have a target of 3X pipeline of the monthly sales target. This means we have plenty of opportunities and ‘don’t have all our eggs in one basket’. This figure will vary depending on your typical conversion rate. eg If 1 in 3 opportunities successfully close and my monthly target is $10K, I need to have $30K of opportunities in progress. 

Tracking your conversion rate will help future planning and to explore how you can improve conversion. 

5) List what are the 3 sales activities you will do this quarter, in the next 90 days to hit your quarterly target? Limiting to 3 activities will ensure it is achievable and not overwhelming, but again, not put all your eggs in one basket.

Take a step to starting these activities today, no matter how small it will build momentum.  

I will be talking about FY 18/19 Sales planning in more detail and answering Q&A in a Facebook Live on 17th July at 12pm – 12.45pm.

This will be in a Facebook group which I run called “Entrepreneurs Getting Sh&t Done”.  Follow the link below if you would like to join: