I used to be absolutely terrible at asking for testimonials. 

This made winning new business really hard as I didn’t have social proof and credibility which in today’s competitive world is critical. 

When I looked at why didn’t I have testimonials it came down to 2 factors. 

Firstly, I would forget and secondly I would ‘chicken out’ by telling myself that particularly big companies wouldn’t be willing to give testimonials. 

Turns out this was just my excuses! 

I’ve now made asking for testimonials a core part of my sales process and received testimonials from some of Australia’s most trusted brands including Telstra and Westpac. 

Better still, I haven’t had a single no when asking for a testimonial yet. 

Here are my top 5 tips on asking for testimonials:
1) I added in a marketing clause into all my new client contracts allowing me to use their logo and name in marketing materials. So far nobody has asked me to remove this clause. 


2) I stopped chickening out by assuming some of the bigger companies wouldn’t be willing or able to provide a testimonial. I now have public testimonials from Telstra & Westpac.

3) I asked for testimonials at the peak of emotion
i.e when someone has just signed up they are excited and want to tell people, when we have had a good experience, we are happy to provide a testimonial, or when we have achieved a significant milestone we are also on a high. 

It’s about leveraging basic human behaviour. The point is don’t just wait until the end of an engagement to ask. 

4) I made asking for testimonials a habit and part of my sales process so it would happen without fail every time. 

An example is asking for testimonials at the end of automated client surveys.  

5) I’m now proactive in my approach. When someone gives me great feedback, I thank them and ask if I can use that as a testimonial.

These small changes have meant that I consistently receive testimonials which dramatically improves our social proof and credibility as a business. This is a key factor in successful sales.